“It is hard to find someone who can do an excellent job of combing through the details of our projects to establish consistency, common voice and accuracy. It’s even harder to find someone who can do that AND work under difficult timeframes. You did all this and more. Thanks so much for your hard work, your meticulous attention to detail and your wonderful customer service and care for our company’s needs.”

-Cami Boehme
Chief Strategy Officer

“Leah Culler is an excellent writer and editor. She pays extraordinary attention to detail and has turned around writing and editing contracts for us quickly while delivering first-rate quality. She is a quick study with both complicated content and house writing style guides. Leah is reliable and a master of her craft. We hire her often and my only reservation about recommending her is that she will be booked when we need her exceptional skills.”

-Jill Oviatt
Director of Communications (former)
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

“At The Seattle Times, Leah Culler was a skilled editor and eager go-getter who dove into a variety of assignments with fearless gusto. As a result of her skill set and confidence, Leah was entrusted with front-page editing shifts — a valued leadership role at The Times — far sooner than would be expected of someone of her experience level at the time. Leah was an asset to our operation, full of energy, ideas and potential. And she was a wiz at math (not always a strong suit of journalists). We were sorry to see her go.”

-Leon A. Espinoza
Executive News Editor
The Seattle Times

“Leah edited my first novel from manuscript to agent copy. She is fast, detail oriented and knows the professional business of copy editing, with the additional skill of content editing. Her experience in journalism gives her a very practical, efficient, no nonsense, get the job done attitude, which in a crunch is a tremendous help. And she meets deadlines!”

-James Lalonde


First place, best residential real estate or mortgage/finance report or feature
2011 National Association of Real Estate Editors journalism competition
Homes with something to hide

Honorable mention, best residential real estate or mortgage/finance report or feature
2010 National Association of Real Estate Editors journalism competition
Million-dollar mobile homes

Second place, Arts/Entertainment/Lifestyle, online
2010 Society of Professional Journalists Northwest Excellence in Journalism competition
Million-dollar mobile homes